About R.J.

Ever since he can remember, R.J. wanted to write books and tell stories. Growing up he read everything he could get his hands on from encyclopedias, biographies, adventure stories, to science fiction, and fantasy. 

Later on came philosophy and psychology, followed by new age and spiritual manuals. All along he had this feeling that something was brewing inside of him like some cosmic brew waiting to bubble up to the surface. One day it did exactly that and he grabbed his pen and started to write it all down. From early on, he says that the title of the book, The Path Of Light, came to him and guided him along the Path.

At times he claims it felt like the story was being channelled down to him and he couldn’t write fast enough. At other times, he wondered if the muse had abandoned him and went off somewhere and this story would never get finished. But finished it is.

He hopes that you enjoy the story. It is his greatest desire and intent that this story may shine a light and inspire someone to have the courage to follow their true calling as he feels he has in telling it.

R.J. Lafleur lives on the west coast of Canada with his beloved partner and ever-present border collie. We’ve added a border collie puppy to the mix. Sanity test to be conducted soon.